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Bog Roll IS The Cure!!!!!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 16, 2020

Assuming you’ve not been punched unconscious in your Supermarket of choice over toilet roll, then you’ll notice masses of halfwits panic buying all manner of products, though mostly toilet roll. Funnily enough it’s the same people who were saying “I’m not worried about the Coronavirus” running out to eye-gouge anyone and everyone to buy a full pallet of toilet roll. Though now they’ll be all smug and saying…


Because toilet roll is somehow the most important thing! Even before people were panic buying food and hand wash, they were fighting over toilet roll! Does it have some kind of properties I’m not aware of?


Does these people know you can just have a shower with an old rag to clean yourself? Sounds gross, but when I first developed Ulcerative Colitis I ran out of the ole bog roll once or twice, and ended up having to use an old rag while showering. I just bleached it afterwards in boiling water for use next time (if needed). Needs must, it’s not the end of the world.


The stupidity of humanity really annoys me, now more than usual as the stockpiling of toilet roll, food and other items will obviously lead to fewer of those items for others. Especially the elderly, ill and housebound (that are most at risk) who can’t get out and so rely on supermarket deliveries (I noticed online when I ordered all the slots were taken up 5 days in advance, to put it into perspective it’s only usually 2). I have UC so I can’t get out as much as it is, but with the Coronavirus now I’m going to have to stay in for my own safety. I take medication that reduces my immune response, which means I get ill easily and it can last for weeks, with the Coronavirus I don’t know how bad it will affect me, that’s not even mentioning the other two illnesses I have.

And there’s many others in the same boat who are far worse than me, who are stuck in and will need those shopping deliveries and provisions, the ones these people are panic buying.


No one is saying don’t get a bit extra, I’ve been doing that since February, so has my family, but we did it in a way that didn’t take products out of other people’s baskets. As I was writing this I just received a shopping update, 10 items are out of stock… Stuff like bread, eggs and washing up liquid…

You people are cult of Andrex fucktards! The vast majority of you will just feel sick, it’s the elderly and ill that will suffer. The supermarkets will still be open as will the pharmacies, the world will not end!


I’m going to stop, this was meant to be a bit light-hearted, but I’ve wound myself up now, so I’m going to stop. Talking of being wound up I won’t be replying to the comments on my last blog. The topic just depresses me, so I’ll revisit it at a better time. So apologies to Daffy and Prenin for not replying.

All the best to everyone and take care of each other!

EDIT: I went off one earlier, not everyone’s an idiot, they’re just worried. But I stand by what I said, panic buying is not helpful.

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Hypnic Jerking!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 7, 2019


Well I should be asleep but I keep dropping off and then jolting awake again. Apparently it’s called Hypnagogic Jerking, if someone had asked me what that meant before I looked it up I’d swear it was something dirty.

Anyone can get it, though people who are sleep deprived, who drink stimulants, have distorted sleep patterns or exercise more closely to bed time are more likely to have it.

I think mine is through a distorted sleep pattern, I’ve felt ill the last 3 days, and on Monday afternoon I went for a kip because I was so tired and had a headache. I ended up pretty much sleeping from 5pm Monday through to 4am Tuesday – and I’ve been awake since.

The cramps and gurgling in my side aren’t helping things either, the UC decided to smack me hard in the chops today. I felt tired and ill all day, but I had a dentist appointment – which I’d already cancelled once before last month due to the UC – so I didn’t eat or drink much on Monday or early Tuesday (My appointment was for 1:30). Still went to the toilet 2 or 3 times before I left. Although not eating or drinking much won’t stop the UC from doing it’s thing, it can minimise the chances of having to visit a toilet or having an accident. I made it there and back without any issues anyway, took my ‘Just in case bag’ too! After I got back I ended up going again 2 more times.

An IBD is like a private British rail company… so inconvenient and unreliable that you may as well stay home! I just thought of that because a train not long went past… You can judge me for that one if you like btw…

Anyway, I’ve waffled enough… I’m going to toddle off and watch a few episodes of Legion series 3. It’s based in the Marvel Universe and revolves around a powerful mutant who has the power of absorbing other mutants minds and powers. There’s a lot more to it than that, like the whole series is viewed through his (Legion/David’s) distorted view of reality, with a lot of weird and strange things that make you “WTF?” a lot. Case in point, The Vermillion…


I’ve been a Marvel fan since X-Men in the early 90s, but it doesn’t mean I like every marvel TV series as some of them are just typical American action hero-y. While Legion is far more complicated, psychological, moral and philosophical, as well as straight-up crazy!

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