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Are you voting?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 5, 2015


I don’t feel particularly ’empowered’ by voting or the thought of it, in fact I feel powerless, and have done for a long time now.

Why? Influence of the very rich, powerful, bankers and business trumps mine, and your vote, every time.

Not only that but also the political system has no repercussions for politicians if they don’t deliver what they promised or if they’re corrupt. Some people, politicians included, would argue that our vote (support too) would be the repercussion, but we’ve seen time after time that one fuck up after another and these bastards get away with things that a normal person would go to prison for. They walk away free with fortunes, gold-plated pensions and assured jobs elsewhere.

The answer?

I would advocate connecting wages with the success that they’re making, or not making.

I would advocate politicians who don’t deliver what they promise in their manifestos (or are corrupt) have ALL their earnings taken from them (including homes and any other assets) and are barred from entering politics again.

If they stand to lose everything, their money and freedom, just like a normal person would, we would see a change.

However, this isn’t going to happen because not one party out there is offering this sort of answer up, not one. Until this is offered and a valid political system that is put in place that makes our elected officials work for us, then I can’t vote.

Some people and politicians would say people should get involved more often at the local level, to hold our elected officials to account that way. There’s two things wrong with this:

1) The majority of people in this country are politically uneducated or ignorant, holding MP’s and Councillors to account will be difficult without the country’s and local communities support. And let’s face it, the attitude of people in this country, what I’ve seen and heard first hand about work as well as politics is: “I can’t be arsed/bothered!”.

2) Just as in politics at the national level, so it will be at the local level, those with more money and influence will get to the front of the Que first and more or less dictate policy.

So in brief we need a political system where politicians will be held to account and an electorate who is educated enough to demand it. We’re currently lacking both.

The old system isn’t working anymore, we can see it throughout the western world, less and less people are voting, though this doesn’t mean they’re not interested in politics. Some people are trying to influence government by joining pressure and lobbying groups, which works to a degree, but there’s still not enough people engaged in politics. And besides, that would still make voting infective.

We need an actively and engaged citizenry with a proper system that punishes non-deliver of promises and corruption; and awards delivery. And I just can’t see it happening.

Oh, and before I go, the ‘If you don’t vote then don’t complain‘ bullshit is a cop out. If that’s the case then all my democratic right to vote means is I get to complain when the people I voted for don’t deliver what they said they were or are corrupt. Is that what a democratic vote really stands for in this country? People have thought and died for that right and it’s a smack in their faces that all it guarantees me is the right to complain and not have my right influence the course of a democracy. So please, don’t lay that on me.

gates of dem white


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Another Romp Around The Middle-East?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 26, 2013

So it’s looking more likely there’s going to be another romp around the middle-east, this time with Syria as the host for the party.

And as usual there’s the same replies from all sides of the political spectrum and the Muslim world.

The left says: “No! This is neo-colonialism!”

The right says: “Yes! We must do something for those poor people!”

Many Muslims of the world, as always, point fingers at Western powers, spout about western intervention before that caused the problem, but offers no solutions for the problem.

As always Russia and China, wanting to keep their influence in the area so they can carry on doing financial and political business, don’t want any action in the area whatsoever. Rather they believe both sides should carry on a dialogue, by ‘dialogue’ we can only assume they mean killing each other in assorted ways.

The fact is all sides only care because of their ideological sphere of influence. The left is nearly always anti-war, especially when it involves the U.S. or the UK being involved. The right will welcome a war because it puts money in pockets of military contractors (That is if the country can afford it. In the UK the public appetite and money for war is just not there. So if war does go ahead, expect the UK to play an air support role).

Russia and China only care because Syria is a sphere of interest for them, they really don’t care if the people of Syria die horribly, as long as they can be seen to be not endorsing it in public (staying neutral) while frustrating the western powers and doing business with the Syrian regime.

Of course Western powers will say: “Wont somebody think of the children!” This is a load of shite, the West, like Russia and China, only care when it matters to them. What matters to them is debatable. It could be:

1.       Making economic gain from the resources in the region
2.       Business making money from military contracts
3.       Stabilise Israel’s back yard as it’s an ally of the U.S. and the West in general
4.       Broaden the West’s sphere of influence
5.       The west has to act because it’s been challenged
6.       All of the above

Number 5 could be the reason to engage and accomplish 1 to 4. In fact, Barack Obama said there was a line to be crossed and it’s been crossed and now he can’t go back over it. With the use of chemical weapons supposedly being used by both sides and not knowing who did it, they may have to act, even if they do not wish to be involved. Add to this a sniper shooting at the UN inspection team, again we don’t know who did this, but it can be seen further as provocation to act for the Western powers.

As for the Muslims, they only care about Syria because they’re ‘Islamocentric’, that is, most are predisposed to care about the Muslim parts of the world because they are Muslim. If this was happening in Vietnam right now the Muslims of the world who are currently concerned about the situation in Syria would most likely not give one fuck, as they didn’t during the actual Vietnam war, and many other wars and situations where no Muslims were involved. In fact when Muslims are the ones doing the butchering the Muslims of the world pay little attention, dismiss or don’t care about that, the same when a Muslim leader butchers his people. Muslims didn’t give much of a fuck about Iraq or Afghanistan until the West went in there with their drones and bombs and started killing innocent people along with the Islamists. Then there was a rally against the west and condemnation, but the Taliban executing people and denying women rights was not worth campaigning against.

So, I believe not all of these groups legitimately really care about the people of Syria. They’re acting in their own interests, which disgusts me! Groups are playing international politics while people die! Just another a day on planet Earth, eh?

So what should be done to help the people of Syria? Well there is an international organisation called the United Nations that should step in and stop this from happening. But would you believe it, even in the UN the same groups of people play international politics, Leftist and Muslim nations banned together and back up Russia and China while the Western nations banned together and dominate the UN security council and push through what’s important to them.

Ultimately the people that matter in the conflict will be the ones who suffer no matter what action is taken, all this because the international community plays international politics and ideological games.

We need a war, a war to end all wars! Dispense with the scum with their ideologies who currently claim to represent the people of the world. It’s stupid I know, will washing everything away change much and could that even be accomplished?

As for a realistic plan for Syria, there isn’t one, if you invade with the best of intentions people will die, if you don’t get involved people will die, so whatever happens, the people will suffer. Such is Human nature and stupidity.

Do you have an idea for Syria, what should be done there?

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What Chance Do I Have?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 28, 2011

I received a letter from the Open University this week, about the course I applied for. I decided to expand my horizons a little and gain some solid foundations in which to maybe build a future career out of. The course I chose is Politics, Philosophy and Economics, known in academic circles as PPE. It seems the right choice as I have an interest in Politics and the world that surrounds it. Notable people with the degree include the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, Ed Balls, Ed Miliband and a significant others in Parliament and outside of it.

They Open University has agreed to pay my fees for me, and all I have to do now is sign the papers and send them back and I start my study in May. It’s a three-year course, just like for anyone else who’d be studying it, except I’m doing it from home, in an extended form as I was late getting my application in for the January start date. I am going to do it, health permitting, and get to the end of it.

What’s bothering me though is the same thing that’s bothered me before, what chance do I really have of changing things for the better with this Degree behind me? I’ve always known trying to gain a foot on the Political ladder would be almost impossible, especially seeing the back ground I come from, the fickle nature of the electorate and utter corruption and Party Political games in local and national Government.

I don’t have the luxury of connections like the PPE degree holders from Oxford and Cambridge do, to get myself a job. The electorate is so blinded by hollow fake promises, image, outright lies, unwillingness to accept reality and such ideological adherence that I have little chance of even being voted in to local Government.  Corruption in Politics is so wide-spread, fostered and allowed to happen, that it’s seen as normal and “The way it is”. When I say that, I don’t mean your traditional idea of corruption, this corruption is sanctioned and accepted as part and parcel of the system. The expenses system was only the tip of the Iceberg of that legal corruption, it goes on beyond that and still continues now, you just don’t see it, and politicians don’t mention it because they don’t want to draw even more attention to themselves and their dealings. In fact they probably think there’s nothing wrong with it, just like they did with the expenses system. There’s also the fact I couldn’t work with any of the established Parties at any end of the Political spectrum, especially the main three, I can not operate under those conditions, I can’t, no!… I wont willingly support bills and amendments I don’t believe in or that are not in the interests of my constituents or the population as a whole, just because the Party Whip and Cabinet say so. I wont sit in interviews on TV or in an MP surgery and defend actions by Party, Government or individual MP’s within that Party who’ve proposed, done or said something I disagree with.

If that wasn’t enough to put me off even trying to enter the world of Politics, I was watching a TV programme today presented by Andrew Neil. It was called: Posh and Posher: Why Do Public School Boys Run Britain. The previous link takes you to the BBC website where you can watch it. This link takes you to the written run down of the show.

It was this little piece, which I have to say made my heart sink:

That man is just like me, and he’s been excluded from the internal Labour ballot, in favour for someone else, who lives outside the area he’s supposed to represent.

Now, how often do we see and hear about that? How many Politicians in recent years have come from privileged backgrounds? MP’s who don’t know what it’s actually like to scrape by on the bottom, or near the middle? They don’t have a clue, Cameron doesn’t have a clue, his whole front bench don’t have a clue, most of the people in Parliament don’t have a clue. And if they don’t have a clue… how can they represent the people?

In the programme I linked to above, Andrew Neil makes a very valid point, State Schools can’t compete with Public/Private schools (They’re the same thing). Since the removal of Grammar Schools and the Eleven Plus, social mobility is suffering, the many gifted and intelligent undeveloped poor and Working class people in this country, not just in the Political sphere, but in the Economic, business and any other high paying areas of the job market, are missing out on good jobs because of their background.

I know the eleven plus was unfair, I know of a few people who were bright but passed over because they failed their eleven plus. However, that still doesn’t mean selecting the brightest children and sending them to a Grammar school or something similar is wrong. With a less strict system, and more room for variation, we could have a similar scheme set up again and try to bring about a better Meritocracy than the old system fostered. Look at private schooling anyway, you only get what you pay for, not everyone comes out of there with top marks, I’m sure the tutors mark a few papers with extra ticks. Not everyone from public/private school are as intelligent as British society and the public schools themselves would make them out to be. While  on the subject of education I see no reason why people who aren’t as bright as others can not go to a Vocational High School where they continue to learn about the three R’s and also learn numerous skilled trades, after all, that is what the UK is currently missing. The State has focused entirely on getting as a many people in to a one size fits all education system which then wants to push them on to University, thus leaving us with a skilled worker shortage. This, in my opinion, was what was missing from the Tripartite System in the past. We had Grammar schools for the brightest and a bog standard secondary school for everyone else, where was the vocational training? Of course it was left to the employers,  or the Unions, which was an area where they had some power, I think that may be why the Secondary Technical Schools never came about fully. All the above flies in the face of a Egalitarian system, but this isn’t an issue of fairness and equality, people have different abilities, and they need to be harnessed to their full potential. We’re just not doing that with bog standard state schools and then pushing as many of them off to University as possible.

I digress, but the above is important to my post. With such an exclusive system, how am I or anyone else from my background going to get ahead? It’s the year 2011 and our country is being governed by privileged public school boys, the Politicians can say all they like it’s not about where you’re from but about what you do, it still doesn’t change the fact a minority of wealthy people in this country have the top places in Government, Economics and the Judiciary. So with University tuitions fees going to rise, a state education system that’s lacking as regards to producing and elevating the best and brightest to the top, it looks like the future of British Political leadership, as well as other areas, will remain in the hands and be the profession of the rich and privileged. And leaves me, and many others asking the question: What Chance Do I have?

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MP’s Force IPSA To Back Down Over New Expenses System

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 6, 2011

I’ve always thought of Politicians as undisciplined, awkward, difficult toddlers as far as Political reform goes. And they proved my thoughts right again yesterday.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) proposed a new system that allowed the public a say in what MP’s can and can’t claim for. I was for this idea, but with some basic expenses covered and guaranteed to a certain degree, with other debatables and extras up for public say.

Of course, our Politicians didn’t like the idea of the public having a say in their lives, even if the public do pay their wages. IPSA was set up last year by Parliament in the wake of the Expenses scandal to be an Independent Watchdog and have power to make new rules for MP’s and what they can claim. And now IPSA is doing its job, many MP’s have protested over the new system at nearly every turn and now the Prime Minister has become involved and made IPSA back down on the second home issue, and    threatened to abolish the group if it didn’t do so.

The latest tantrum caused over Second homes, has some MPs with Children who have constituencies on the outskirts of London, complaining that they need money to rent better accommodation in London for themselves and for their children. They say the rule banning them for claiming an allowance for a home to house themselves and children under five is “Anti Family“. They also say the rule doesn’t take in to account they sometimes work late in Parliament.

I think that’s rubbish. I don’t think it’s about children not seeing their parents and everything to do with MP’s wanting a nice place to sleep instead of commuting home like normal people. Or, having to shell out for a hotel, like normal people. Couple that with the proposed idea from IPSA and you can see why MP’s are revolting, um… more than usual.

I think it’s safe to say the MP’s and the Prime Minister think they’re at a point where they think it’s OK to start reverting the expenses system back in to their favour. The IPSA was supposed to be independent and beyond the reach of Government (in theory), and now we have MP’s and a Government threatening to abolish if they don’t do as MP’s say, sorry, I mean: “Listen to the concerns of MP’s“.

I knew it would happen eventually, it was just a matter of time. This little episode is just the start of MPs exerting their power over the IPSA and thus over the expenses system. You may not think so, but what David Cameron said about abolishing the IPSA and them then backing down has ruined and made a mockery of its Independence. Before you know it the IPSA will just be a puppet of Parliament.

Then again, maybe it always was a puppet of Parliament. Take a look at who’s in charge of it. That’s right, all ex or current MPs, some who have been done for expenses fiddling themselves.

So, write it down, 6/1/2011, the date it was business as usual for the people in the House of Common Criminals.

However! All is not lost, you can write to your MP about the interference by the House Of Commons and Government in the affairs of the IPSA. I implore you to do so! The anger from the expenses scandal may have died down but the people still need to be vigilant and hold their elected representatives to account!

So please, tell everyone you can about what they’ve done today and tell them to write to their MP. Or, alternatively, to E-mail them. Let’s make them work for us, the way it’s supposed to be!

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The Religions’ Re-establishment In The Politics Of Britain

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 19, 2006

As I said in my last blog, religion has more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese. More sanctioned rape and death than a South American death squad. More sex than the average softcore porn film. More murders during a blackout in Whitechapel with a buy one get one free sale on scalpels while Jack the rippers on the loose!
Though as Spice-the-cat mentioned and Nicky (see comments) Spirituality is ok in some cases, but if your going  to be part of an organised religion you must follow it to the letter. This means you can’t accept one thing and not accept the other. Example: You can’t be a Catholic and  use contraception, which is what so many Catholics I know of do. There’s also, thou shall not kill in the bible, and what do they do, Kill! Same goes for Muslims it says in their holy book (the Koran), an attack on any person even a non-believer is tantamount to an attack on the whole Human race. (the previous statement may differ slightly to the original line in the Koran). If there’s any religious buffs out there who know, leave a  comment please.
You get the idea of what im trying to say, and I understand that according to Spicy the terrorists in Islam work from a different book. But it’s an organised religious book all the same. Still there are elements in main stream Islam that would still give you a good kicking or worse for having an opinion on their religion.
Anyway back to my comments at the end of my last blog. A year or so ago I read in the paper, as part of Tony Blair’s plan to radically change the House of Lords (or in reality fill it with rich businessmen and cronies to pass any thing he wants!) was going to fill it with community leaders and business leaders (money for peerages anyone?) to make it a true representation of the people. Get this, religious leaders will be included too! Which is what worried me! Why? Just think… a House of commons and a House of lords in fifty years or so down the line full of religious leaders. They could be in the House of Commons and the House of Lords and in all parties by then! Religion in the UK is forcast to make a come back in the next fifty years or so, owning to large scale immigration mostly. If they get over fifty percent  in each house and the population of the country is fifty percent Strictly religious there’s going to be trouble! Just think no party could get elected without pandering to the predominant religious group or all of them, or you would have to be part of a certain religion to even join a party! Just as it is in the U.S.A, and we don’t have a proper constitution to protect us which means all our laws would be open to change by these people! 
I know what your all thinking religious people can’t get on as it is, they wont have to get on because they all have one thing in common! They are all moral prudes, here’s a couple of things they would agree on banning.
First and foremost any attacking questioning or undermining of their religions. Just as they have done now but on a larger scale, this would effectively stifle debate on the subject and effectively strike a blow against free speech too!
Second: Banning of revealing cloths, telling you how to dress because it doesn’t meet their moral code!
Third: Banning of music they don’t agree with, i.e bands such as Marilyn Manson or anything they don’t want subverting them or anything they don’t understand. Even Brittany Spears and people like her, I may not like her or her music but I agree with her right to sing what she likes and dress as she likes! Thus freedom of expression takes a blow too.
Forth: Contraceptives, such as the morning after pill, condoms and abortion ending the right and freedom of women to whether they wish to have children or not! There’s also the conditioning they will receive in school enforced by the state, freedom of thought out of the window! Most of the list compiled above is in force now but not as strict as it will be! I Know what your thinking now where are all the politicians to stop this? Well they are all under the thumb of the religious businessmen who are also part of both Houses. Who by the way enforce all the above i.e don’t let music play on their MTV’s, no proper debate on talk shows no real news on the tele, no exposing documentaries on anything unless it views them in a positive light! Any politician who steps out of line or doesn’t support the system  will be hounded out of office! Thus ends any voice of dissent in the parties or the government!, and the religious tosspots have control once again! 
Of course most of this happening depends on the electorate, which we’re assuming will be somewhat religious or forced in to supporting these laws and moves by Political Correctness and fear.
I’ll leave you with this though: True belief cannot be legislated! So how do people learn it then? Answer: Indoctrination from birth.   

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