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Open University Prep Activities

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 14, 2011

Just a couple of Prep activities I thought I’d share here. It says write them in your journal, and this site is sort of a journal for me, so why not? I think I’ll also have to post them on my Open U page too!

Activity 1:

Why Have you chosen Introduction To Social Sciences? What are your goals in studying the course?

To try to bring some kind of positive change to the world and extend my knowledge on the subject  of Social sciences. Yes, that may sound like a cliché, but I mean it! I could try to bring change and extend my knowledge without the help of the Open University, but I think learning with the Open University will give me more reason to keep to study. There’s also the fact that to bring change in Politics, I need to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the system. There’s also having the Degree that brings a certain legitimsation and may make me more electable. By no means is a degree needed for a Political career or to make an effective change, some of the best Political leaders and activists the world has seen have had no formal education on the subject, but still managed to become leaders of their respective countries, communities or causes and have large-scale impact and make positive changes.

As well as studying to expand my knowledge I’m also studying as a way to improve my health and maybe chances of gaining employment outside of the main Political areas. 

Activity 2:

What have been your experiences of learning in the past?

Think about your experience of learning. These may be when you were growing up or, more recently, at work. Try to identify:

an enjoyable and effective learning experience

an experience that was not enjoyable, or where you perhaps struggled to understand or learn something.

Quite a mix really. For the most part things were easy to comprehend, except  Maths. My main problems with learning were I didn’t always retain the information, which I think is normal for the majority of people because of typical modern schooling techniques. As well as that, class disruption and distractions effected my learning. It’s hard to concentrate when other students are pulling you in to a joke, conversation or argument.

I’m not sure there’s any positive experiences, learning was sort of a chore in Primary school, unless it was something I was actually interested in.

A bad experience would have to be Maths. I really am extremely bad at Maths! In class you were expected to know the answer right off the top of your head if you were asked a question on It. I always panicked because my mind didn’t, and still doesn’t work that fast when it comes to maths, for some reason. I’m sure the fear and dislike I developed in school for Maths have something to do with that. The only subject with a barrier to it that puts me off learning and makes it seem very hard or next to impossible to improve, is Maths. All because the teacher used to make you answer a Math question in school and if you got it wrong you’d be laughed at by all the class. Knowing Maths was a sign of intelligence, and still is now, and if you don’t know it, then you can’t be that bright.

Another thing, anything that has a time limit! This applied in Maths too, you had half an hour to complete the multiplication table for that day, and I rarely finished it. The same could be said for almost any subject that had a time limit placed on it.

So I think on the spot questioning/thinking and time limitations are an enemy.

Activity 3:

What are your existing strengths, preferences, habits or skills?

I think I have the capacity to see both sides of any argument. I am, or at least I try to be, rational, logical and unbiased (as much is possible).

I usually learn as I go along, I know that sounds obvious but most people some times get an idea of what they’ll be doing before they jump in to something. I used to do this a lot in the past, but now the majority of the time I come prepared or learn a little before hand. I also tend to learn better if it’s with someone else, especially during debates, nothing like having your arse kicked in a logical debate involving facts to get you learning!

I’m not really sure about habits and skills.

Activity 4:

Look back on the enjoyable and effective learning experience you described. How did you learn there? For example, did you learn by seeing, listening, or doing something?

I’m not sure, I just liken a mind to an empty cup, if you’re really interested in something when you learn it is as easy as pouring water (Knowledge) in to a cup (the mind). I learned effectively on some subjects because I found it interesting and not a chore or a competition.


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