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The Universe (Updated)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 16, 2011

While on the toilet a few weeks back, yes I know, of all the place, right? Well, I do/did a lot of my thinking and reading on the toilet because I was in there for so long with my illness (Ulcerative Colitis).

Anyway, enough toilet talk, while I was on there I started pondering about the Universe. My thought was a simple one: Is all the matter that will ever be in the Universe in it right now? Is there no more matter being pumped or being created in/to the Universe as it expands? Or is space one long expanding thing with everything already included?


From the video, if you didn’t watch it, apparently hypothetical ‘dark’ energy is welling up from the vacuum of space. This welling up of energy is what caused the creation of the Universe. Not only did it do that, though local regions are drawing more together because of their increased mass that creates stronger gravity as they collect, space itself is being forced apart at an ever-increasing speed because of this dark energy that’s welling up. 

So before the Universe came to be this energy already existed? And it was this energy that caused matter to be created and expand, if that is the case then this energy is also matter, right? This sort of begs the question… are matter and energy the same thing or different? From what I’ve read they are sort of the same thing. Different pieces of energy, electrons, protons, and neutrons, fuse together to create Atoms, which in turn gives mass and creates matter.

Apparently this dark energy is still coming in the Universe and pushing it apart, but doesn’t seem to have mass or be matter?… well, not in the conventional sense I don’t think! If it was like normal matter that would mean matter is still being created in the Universe, but it isn’t, its invisible and just theorised to be there. Does this dark energy even constitute matter?


There was no dark energy at the beginning of the Universe, but now it accounts for 72% of it? Where did all the dark matter go? Will we have nothing left in the Universe in a few trillion years time? Just an ever-expanding void full of Dark energy?

With the Universe pulling away all atoms that make up the matter we know will be slowly pulled so far apart and broken down in to their constituent components that there will be no other matter in the Universe to make anything.

So, to answer my question, I aint got much of a clue! It’s all hypothetical and not a solid theory unless we can get a look at this Dark energy and where it’s generated from. 

I think this blog has come across the wrong way, I’m not actually saying I know what I’m talking about, because I’m not sure! I was just working through the question with the info I have read. If I got anything wrong then please correct me. Anyone is welcome to comment!

Another thought I had long ago, and I know countless others have to, is: If the Universe is expanding, what is it expanding in to?

I’m sure there’s another blog for that, but not today! So here’s another video instead:


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