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The Judge 2011

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on June 6, 2011

Yes, it is here, what every law-enforcement, local council and Military have been waiting for! The Judge 2011!

It may have destroyed a small African country while testing and building it, but it is finally here!

The Judge, named after Its inspiration, is a time traveling, grave digging, plasma cannon and tampon firing future tank that can travel through time and space!

The top deck is for control of the transporter beam (purple and black) and the Plasma/Tampon cannon. The top deck also has an advance radar system that can track anything through time and space.

The lower deck is to control the innovative grave-digger, breaks, engine and the fuel sources needed for all other parts. The lower deck also houses many un-dead Goth SAS troops in the event the Judge ever gets boarded!

I know some of you suggested fuel sources, but they wouldn’t have met the needs of The Judge. So I thought to myself “What’s the most abundant thing in the Universe?” and it hit me! Human stupidity and ignorance! It’s a perfect fuel source! It just sucks the stupidity right of the fabric of space and time! There’s no other fuel source that is as free, clean and infinite than Human Stupidity!

We’re going to be rich, people!

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