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NewsCorp and The Phone Hacking Scandal

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 11, 2011

Just a quick post to comment on the News of The World and NewsCorp hacking story.

Successive UK Governments have been too close to the media for years! Blair, Brown, Labour, Conservatives and many people who matter in UK politics. And we all know this closeness is not a good thing! The Police taking bribes though, I’m not surprised about. But it made me think, why were these claims of having and bribes not investigated fully the first time? Obviously someone close to the top in Government has said something at the behest of someone within Newscorp. Who that is is not clear yet. But authorising large sums of money to bribe Police has to come from high up.

The tabloid media and it’s actions have been questionable for a while, and it wound me up so bad that nothing was being done about it. However, I never would’ve thought they would cross the line and invade a dead girl’s phone and hack the phones of dead soldiers families!

However, Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp have played the game just right.

They dropped the NOTW (reducing the overall media control in the UK which will look good in front of any media regulator) and now they’ve dropped their plans to ‘hive off’ BSkyB so they’ll be refered BACK to the competition commission.

Why did he do this? Because it will take 6 to 12 months to go over it. By the time the Commission delivers it’s verdict the public disgust would’ve died down and most likely wont cause any fuss because the people are more interested in some pointless celebrity having relationship/health/Career problems.

After that the Government and Political parties get back in bed with the media and we’re back to square one. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it seems more than likely!

Oh, and where’s Cameron gone? I think the following picture will answer.

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Murdoch Given The Go Ahead To Buy BSkyB

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 3, 2011

What does the following creature have in common with our current UK Government?…

Well, let me tell you, besides being slimy, slow to act, useless and inconvenient, they’re also spineless!

Today the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt , gave the green light for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp to buy up the remaining 61% of British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB).

If you’re asking yourself: “What’s wrong with that?” Well, what’s wrong is Rupert Murdoch will own over 50% of the UK media! That means he, one man, controls half of all news we get or see. And thus can manipulate it, control opinion and, if he wants to, stifle debate and free speech, not to mention influence the outcome of Political elections.

The Culture Secretary has only given it the green light because News Corp said they would make Sky News a semi-independent company, free of News Corp… for 10 years. Oh, that solves everything right? No, it doesn’t! Though Sky News would be defacto independent it would still be funded by News Corp. And as you know, He who holds the purse strings controls the flow of money. And if they control the flow of money, they will control who gets paid, and those people getting paid better broadcast what the people with the purse strings says to.

This is just typical of Tory Government, I wouldn’t expect anything less, everything is for sale, as long as someone is making money out of it. Fuck media plurality, what’s that compared to a media mogul who brings billions in to the UK economy, helps fund the party and can help them win the next election by having the Tories viewed in a positive light throughout his media.

This has already happened in the USA, have you seen the state of US media reporting? They’re biased, and I don’t just mean BBC light bias, I mean obvious out-right bias. I’m not just talking about Fox News here that is owned by News Corp, but all the media channels! They’re all owned by one company or another, and are thus not independent, they report what they’re told to, for the sake of the owners and for the sake of viewer numbers.

It’s just so wrong and not good for a healthy media. If the media isn’t healthy then a lot of the citizenry wont be able to make an informed choice when voting. It really infuriates me that our Government just waves this takeover on like they’re directing traffic! This is one of the biggest problems in the West these days, large corporations telling Governments what to do and control the media, banking to the industry of the country!

The country is supposed to be run for our benefit, the people, not large multi-national corps. And what’s sad is no political parties seem to see this as wrong or a problem, nor would they do anything about it!

If I had any faith left in Government this would’ve taken the last piece. It’s a sad day for the UK media and UK Media plurality.

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