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Don’t You Just Want To Kill All Scallies and Chavs? (Venting)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 19, 2010

The incident in this blog happened on New Years Eve 2008.  Retro Blog. Originally posted on: Jun 25th 2009.


Where do you even start with this? Oh wait, last New Year’s Eve (2008) I went to the local shop to get some more Vodka as it was the season for it! On my way, while I was drunk I may add, three or four Scally tossbags shouted from the other side of the road “Look at him haha. Gonna stab you in the eye! Specky” That was for NOTHING! Luckily I’m a big guy and I was with someone, so the terminal scally scrote-bag wankers said the threat from the other side of the road!

These people are nothing but shitbags, why don’t they come to me when they’re sober or off drugs and tell me they’re gonna stab me in the eye then? Yeh do it without your increased confidence brought on by beer and being in a gang! You’re spineless spunk stains on the pants of society. I would smash your pointless faces in you gaster wannabes! Wandering around with your hand in your trackies looking like a cunt and a knife in your pocket thinking you’re some kind of Gangster out of the Godfather? Dealing weed and other drugs thinking you’re all hard, the fact is you aint nothing but shitbags! Take away the knife, guns, drugs and gang to back you up, and you become a soft toe-rag.

That night I didn’t get attacked, but one day they wont give me the option to walk away, the city I live in is one of the worse for violence in the UK, it’ll happen sooner or later. And when it does I’m gonna relish filling their faces with my fist! I wanna feel the satisfaction of feeling and hearing his nose and face break as my fist crushes it! And then know that he’s thinking: “I picked the wrong fucking bloke here!” and then listen to him say: “E r mate, soz…”. NOPE! Then I’ll stick my steel toe cap boot right in your mouth and smash your teeth in skinhead style!

And…. relax! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I just had to get that off my chest! Sod the fixing society nonsense today, I just had to vent!

Love the way this little wanker gets his arse handed to him.


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What Went Wrong?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on July 20, 2009

“We’re breeding a nation of morons!” Were the words of Manchester radio talk-show host ‘James Stannage’ some thirty years ago. Though you may not know who James Stannage is, you will be familiar with the reality of his words if you live in any major city in the UK. Of course I’m referring to the “Scallies”, “Chavs” and any unthinking Scrote-bag that has no respect for people or their property. You know the type, the ones that stand on street corners spitting, drinking beer and smoking weed, smashing bus stops, beating people up in huge gangs if they look at the wrong way, the ones that cause nothing but trouble on the estates up and down the country.

Here’s a definition and a picture to show non-UK readers or random middle class wankers who live in the countryside.                                        



Inner-city teens and adults, usually white but come in all colours. Have no respect for anyone except the local Gangsters and Hip-Hop/Pop stars, who they love to emulate and idoloise. Some act like American black rappers. They try to avoid school/work at all costs and get violent with the teachers or anyone who”disrespects” or looks at them the wrong way. To give themselves social status they wear cheap or fake jewellery, brand name sports clothes, some times jeans and beat up random people or intimidate old people or passers-by. The male scally has habit of walking around with his hands in the front of his pants fiddling with his dick (true) and shave their heads and wear caps. Scallies haven’t a shred of individuality and rarely use their brains.



More inner-city teens and adults who are basically the same as Scally’s but the clothing style is somewhat different. The emphasis is on Burberry and more up-market clothing, usually fake. These people usually act black too.

What I want to talk about is the reason for them being this way. Some of these people would beat people up and leave them for dead then go laugh and boast about it in the pub. They kick-off over the most trivial things, that’s when they’re not drunk, when they’ve had a drink they’re even worse. Every Friday and Saturday night in town centers they cause a fight, they actively go out to provoke fights. Why? Do they have such low self-esteem they have to prove themselves to the local slags they’re sniffing around? New Years Eve just gone I was I was going to the local shop, I was drunk, and I was threatened with being “Stabbed in the eye!”, my crime? Just being there and wearing glasses. Obviously these three people, maybe late teens early twenties, were drunk or on drugs and said they’d stab me from the safety of the other side of the road. What would’ve happened if I was on the same side? What would’ve happened if my mam’s friend’s Boyfriend hadn’t been there? I am a large man, 6ft3 and 22st, but I don’t think I could fight all three of them, I know a Karate teacher and he said he couldn’t fight more than five at once.

Most of you will know by reading the papers, watching TV news or even witnessing it first hand that people have been killed by gangs of these idiots. What’s more is they get away with murder and are out of prison in ten or even eight years. Is it because the repercussions of committing a crime are so weak – this could go for any crime by the way – that they do it then come out with a badge of honour? Are they on drugs or alcohol when they commit these crimes? Are things actually as bad as they seem? Is the modern media machine just trying to sell a story? Is it really worse than it was 30, 40 or 50 years ago?

I asked my mother and a few other people have said it wasn’t like it is now. My mother used to walk back from Broughton (60’s 70’s) in the early hours of a weekend to where her friend lived (an hours walk) to stay over night. She did this every week and was never once bothered. These days you can’t do that. She said there used to be fights in the street between gangs, but it rarely ended up with a fatality, they also wouldn’t jump on people for the fun of it. Drugs and alcohol was around then and it wasn’t as bad as it is now, could it be that back then drugs hadn’t filtered down to the teens and the general population? Could it be that the drugs problems of the late 70’s 80’s and 90’s have bred these people from parents that were or are addicts? They’ve seen their parents devalue their lives the children’s lives and others?

Is it the degeneration of the UK economy, especially in the North? The less jobs the less direction and substance there is in their lives? No one has good things so when someone does manage to get a few good things, others smash them up out of envy and jealously? When others see these acts growing  up do they copy the behaviour? Don’t respect the good things anyone has because it makes them look lesser and lower down the social ladder? They can’t gain respect by normal means so they get it through acts of violence and by taking drugs? because they were brought up with no order in their lives they will always give abuse to people who tell them off or challenge them? Is their social standing in a group so important they’ll beat a person up or to death when they challenge them?

Is it the benefit system? Because there’s always going to be money from somewhere people don’t even try to get educated and so their children become thick too? Are stupid people breeding too fast and out numbering the intelligent people? Is society getting worse because we’re saving the stupid people?

My personal opinion is I don’t fully know! Other parts of the world have suffered with economic degeneration and drug abuse, and they’re nothing like the UK. look at France, Germany and the low countries, they don’t have half the trouble the UK does. Or they do and we just don’t hear about it? I’d love to say this is a minority of people but it isn’t, where I live they’re the majority, I should imagine they are in every UK city. Is it really as simple as blaming the parents for bringing them up the wrong way and lack of job prospects? I don’t know but I hope someone fixes it before we reach the point of no return and I have to go out there and bring down the numbers by hand – or failing that I have to move to a different country!
Sorry I aint blogged or visited you lot, but I’ve had zero motivation recently. But thank you ALL for your thoughts on the last blog! I’ll be around to yours again soon!


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Scallies! And Why I Dislike Them.

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on September 17, 2007

I hate… no wait… I fucking despise Scallies! The whole dirty, scruffy, track suit wearing, drug dealin’, violent sad bastardin’ lot of them!   Yes that was strong, but there’s a reason for it. For all those people who live outside the Northwest of England who are not familiar with the word “Scally” let me explain what they are before I continue. First of all, the word “Scally” came from the immigrant Irish communities in the Northwest of England, especially Liverpool and Manchester. It was a corruption [according to Wikipedia] of the Irish word “scallywag” or “sgaileog” another word for a farm servant in old Irish. Somewhere along the line, probably in the 70’s or 80’s it became the slang name for a lazy working class youth.

These morons usually dress in all brand name clothing such as Nike, Adidas, Le cost sportif and others I can’t remember. They even wear these thin sports clothes in the middle of Winter so they still look trendy, in their minds anyway! To me they just look like fools. They walk around with their hoods up in a vain attempt to look menacing while making aggressive eye contact from under the pulled down front of their base-ball caps, usually Nike. They walk around in gangs of ten or more, can be as young as nine, stand on street corners drinking the cheapest alcohol they can lay their hands on and arguing and spitting at passers-by. They love to hang around phone or post boxes for some unexplainable reason! I actually saw a group of seven – boys and girls – huddled in a phone box on the road behind my house!  Another place they love to visit and make a mess of and be general arse holes is McDonald’s or other fast food chains. Then there’s the corner shops. Oh yeah… bus stops and on the busses as well!

Here’s why I hate the bastards! If the above general annoyance wasn’t enough to hate them then here’s some more, the way they speak, christ!… you are English not American, so stop talking like you’re from LA! It’s true, some walk about speaking like LA gangsters! The majority of them talk like Shaun Ryder and can barely form a cohesive sentance without the over use of the word “init” and unnecessary profanity. They should just resort to grunts and have done with it!  

I’ve mentioned the aggressive eye contact, well in places it can get you beaten up! Just walking down the street in some places if you give eye contact to these people for longer than they think is necessary, you will be met with: “What you lookin’ at!?” possibly followed by a smack in the face, if there’s more than one that is. On their own or in twos they say nothing. And we all know why don’t we?  One poor guy, a Pakistani who didn’t even make eye contact, was delivering fast food menus for a business in the area, when  a group of Scallies said: “Oi… Paki… this is white land, fuck off back to your own country!” and on that note the poor man was set upon and beaten badly, he was in hospital the last time I heard, I still don’t know if he was ok.

There’s their music. I say everyone to their own but…. this music is just shit! They have started to listen to sped up 80’s, 90’s and even modern pop songs! Before you say it’s not that bad, it sounds like the Chickmunks singing Britney Spears or Puff Daddy! Just when you thought Britney couldn’t get any more annoying eh? Can you imagine that? Especially in the early hours of the morning? Yes they blast that crap as well as Hip-Hop and gangsta rap, which I hate the majority of, all fucking night!!!! Yet when I had the nerve to play my music in my garden at a reasonable time I was told to..”Turn that fookin’ shit off!” I wish I could have replied but alas I didn’t know which window it came from on the highrise flats behind me, and there was a lot of people at there windows that day. So in response I turned the music up, it was Machine head by the way and it was extremely loud!  I just sat there and smirked, ahhhhhhh that was great!

Scallyspawn! I find it hard to believe these people have children but they do!  Most of these… wait… sorry ALL these fucking morons should be sterilized! And not the humain way, they need their fannys sewing shut and their dicks lopping off! It’s obvious they are not fit to look after children, some of the parents I hear talking to their kids sound completely brain-dead! I know I swear, but these, swearing at their children like they were some sort of piece of shit? It’s unbelievable! They let them out till late at night not caring where they are or what they’re doing. Dress them like little sluts! Don’t learn them wrong from right, they just basically let them run riot while they sit on their arses doing sweet FA or drugs! I actually remember a report on the news where a group of mothers got their children to fight each other while they filmed it!!! Can you believe it? They still got the kids back in the end!! And if you actually try to talk to these parents about their childs behaviour…. you’re in for a ruff ride, because it’s like talking to a chimp! One man’s child was beaten up at the local bus stop by one of the scallys, so the man went to see the scallys dad, the dad of the scally (from what I was told) launched off in to a tirade and threatened to beat him up. You just can’t reason with these idiots because they have no intelligence nor the capacity to reason unless it’s over their state benefits.

Don’t get Scallies confused with Chavs, there is difference even though they are similar. I think a visual and audio aid are in order now.


                                                These are Scallies

Reporter: “This is Ryan. What do you do Ryan?” Ryan: “I’m a soldier, I do what I have to do ’round here init?” That made me laugh, what a  stupid little tit! What kind of “Soldier” has his mam still making him his potato smiley faces and scooby-Doo pasta shapes? You aint a soldier in HRH army, but you will be in HRH prison system you brainless little prick! Reporter: “Where will you be in five years from now?” Scally twat!: “I’ll be dead init”. We can only hope so, so you don’t raise anymore thick wankers and aint a burden to the tax payer when you’re in the nick!

In all seriousness, I know that not everyone that wears sports clothes and trackies is a Scally. There has been some upper class beating down and branding of all the working class as Scallies or Chavs, when that just aint the truth. I know a couple of people who dress like Scallies and Chavs and they work, very hard in fact.

So I mean no disrespect to them, even though their choice in clothing is extremely bad! I have seen programmes on the TV defending Scallies and Chavs saying they are the product of unemployment in the inner cities and a bad education system. Well I was a product of the same education system and I’m not a violent, brainless, drug taking and dealing moron. Was I lucky with my parents? I was! Was I lucky with my school? I’d say it was about average, but some of the Scallies that live where I live now went to the same school as me and they turned out the opposite. I can only think it’s family and upbringing, most of the Scallies I know of have only one parent and that parent usually struggles to cope, intelligent or not. But the most vicious and violent scallies come from families where the parent(s) are completely lacking any brain cells! They really shouldn’t have children at all.. full stop! I’m mean come on, if the trend for naming your baby after where they were conceived was popular in the inner cities, how many Scallies and Chavs would be named after pub toilets? Most of these children are conceived by accident or on purpose as part of a grand plan by some brainless little bimbo to get state benefits.

The sad truth is these people are being brought up, that’s the wrong word actually because they don’t actually bring them up do they! These people are born to uneducated, unintelligent, lazy, and in some cases violent parents. They then learn from this as it’s the norm to them and become the same as they don’t know any better! So all this shit about it being society’s fault is partially nonsense, the more liberal society gets and the more you let these people have children the more problems we have! And it just seems to be getting worse all the time, I would say they are the minority of the working class, but where I live wearing Scallies clothes or not the majority are Scallies! And you guessed it… I hate the lot of ’em! I couldn’t find a funny Scally video so here’s a Chav one. Here’s a nice video… enjoy!



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