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Another Romp Around The Middle-East?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on August 26, 2013

So it’s looking more likely there’s going to be another romp around the middle-east, this time with Syria as the host for the party.

And as usual there’s the same replies from all sides of the political spectrum and the Muslim world.

The left says: “No! This is neo-colonialism!”

The right says: “Yes! We must do something for those poor people!”

Many Muslims of the world, as always, point fingers at Western powers, spout about western intervention before that caused the problem, but offers no solutions for the problem.

As always Russia and China, wanting to keep their influence in the area so they can carry on doing financial and political business, don’t want any action in the area whatsoever. Rather they believe both sides should carry on a dialogue, by ‘dialogue’ we can only assume they mean killing each other in assorted ways.

The fact is all sides only care because of their ideological sphere of influence. The left is nearly always anti-war, especially when it involves the U.S. or the UK being involved. The right will welcome a war because it puts money in pockets of military contractors (That is if the country can afford it. In the UK the public appetite and money for war is just not there. So if war does go ahead, expect the UK to play an air support role).

Russia and China only care because Syria is a sphere of interest for them, they really don’t care if the people of Syria die horribly, as long as they can be seen to be not endorsing it in public (staying neutral) while frustrating the western powers and doing business with the Syrian regime.

Of course Western powers will say: “Wont somebody think of the children!” This is a load of shite, the West, like Russia and China, only care when it matters to them. What matters to them is debatable. It could be:

1.       Making economic gain from the resources in the region
2.       Business making money from military contracts
3.       Stabilise Israel’s back yard as it’s an ally of the U.S. and the West in general
4.       Broaden the West’s sphere of influence
5.       The west has to act because it’s been challenged
6.       All of the above

Number 5 could be the reason to engage and accomplish 1 to 4. In fact, Barack Obama said there was a line to be crossed and it’s been crossed and now he can’t go back over it. With the use of chemical weapons supposedly being used by both sides and not knowing who did it, they may have to act, even if they do not wish to be involved. Add to this a sniper shooting at the UN inspection team, again we don’t know who did this, but it can be seen further as provocation to act for the Western powers.

As for the Muslims, they only care about Syria because they’re ‘Islamocentric’, that is, most are predisposed to care about the Muslim parts of the world because they are Muslim. If this was happening in Vietnam right now the Muslims of the world who are currently concerned about the situation in Syria would most likely not give one fuck, as they didn’t during the actual Vietnam war, and many other wars and situations where no Muslims were involved. In fact when Muslims are the ones doing the butchering the Muslims of the world pay little attention, dismiss or don’t care about that, the same when a Muslim leader butchers his people. Muslims didn’t give much of a fuck about Iraq or Afghanistan until the West went in there with their drones and bombs and started killing innocent people along with the Islamists. Then there was a rally against the west and condemnation, but the Taliban executing people and denying women rights was not worth campaigning against.

So, I believe not all of these groups legitimately really care about the people of Syria. They’re acting in their own interests, which disgusts me! Groups are playing international politics while people die! Just another a day on planet Earth, eh?

So what should be done to help the people of Syria? Well there is an international organisation called the United Nations that should step in and stop this from happening. But would you believe it, even in the UN the same groups of people play international politics, Leftist and Muslim nations banned together and back up Russia and China while the Western nations banned together and dominate the UN security council and push through what’s important to them.

Ultimately the people that matter in the conflict will be the ones who suffer no matter what action is taken, all this because the international community plays international politics and ideological games.

We need a war, a war to end all wars! Dispense with the scum with their ideologies who currently claim to represent the people of the world. It’s stupid I know, will washing everything away change much and could that even be accomplished?

As for a realistic plan for Syria, there isn’t one, if you invade with the best of intentions people will die, if you don’t get involved people will die, so whatever happens, the people will suffer. Such is Human nature and stupidity.

Do you have an idea for Syria, what should be done there?

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Did You Hear The News? [Rage Comic]

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 4, 2011

This Rage Comic epitomises how I feel when I talk to some people!

The seriousness of the world around them seems to be lost within a mind full of trivial banal pop and celebrity culture.

NOTE: The Above Epic Comic Was Not Made By Me.

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Republican Jesus Says (# 2)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 18, 2011


That Jesus, eh? Wadda guy!

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Help Me Out?

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 12, 2010

There’s no Wanker Of The Week today, I thought I’d do something light before I post my long serious blog tomorrow.

When I was a kid, about the mid to late 1980’s we were given a Betamax video system by a neighbour. It was around the time Sony was getting it’s arse kicked in the UK Video System market by VHS systems. So, we being poor, accepted the offer of a free Video System, be it outmoded or not! 

With the System we got some tapes too. I can’t remember what adult pieces were on there, I’m not even sure we got any adult videos (I’m not talking about porn here btw), I only remember having cartoons. We had a few Warner Bros cartoons on there, I think they were anyway. But the one I liked the most was about a scentist or chemist who travled through his bottles. I’m not sure if he fell asleep and dreamed it or he actually shrank himself or someone did it to him. I think skeletons were dancing as well as he was boiled and pushed through his many glass implaments.

Sounds like a bad dream doesn’t it? But it wasn’t it was funny and meant to be a little bit scary but interesting for the children as well as adults. From the animation it looked like it could’ve been from the late ’40s to the early ’60s, most likely American, though I could be completely wrong.

I think it’s name was ‘Bottles’, though I could be completely wrong with that too! I’ve been trying to find this animation since I got on-line back in 2006! The last time I saw it was 1996, I think, it was on the BBC at Christmas time, I think. I know, there’s a lot of “I think!”‘s in this post, but it was so long ago! If anyone has any idea what it is or if they’ve seen anything like it, or even if you know of a site where I can maybe try and find it, then let me know! I’ve already searched Youtube but I couldn’t find it, also searched Wikipedia with no joy. So, let us know if you have any idea!

                                                                           Daf found it! Three cheers for Daffers!

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Look What I found…

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on October 8, 2009

… Hate mail! HAHAHA. I came across this bit of hate mail last week while looking for something in my MySpace mail box. I haven’t deleted much from my in-box on MySpace, I should really have a clean out, but then I would forget about little gems like “Grey Wolf”.

Grey Wolf was an US Republican I ran in to on MySpace back when I first started. I commented on a blog about George Bush not being a Nazi, I agreed with the woman who wrote the blog, he wasn’t and I said he wasn’t. But I did say the US government and system has fascist tendencies. Well I got a lot of stick for it from the woman who wrote the blog, she blocked me from replying to her and other people (a lot of US right wingers do that). Wolf was one of those people. So I hopped over to his blog page and replied (I didn’t know replying on someone’s MySpace blog about a different subject was against MySpace etiquette at the time).

I don’t fully remember what I said, but I wasn’t nasty to him, I replied to his comment like I would any others. I did have strong words for the lady who’s blog I commented on, I left them there for her to see, it wasn’t addressed to him in any way. I called her a spineless bitch after blocking me, why I called her a bitch I can’t remember, but that was only one of two times I’ve lost my rag while blogging, the other being when I argued (not debated) with a BNP member. I don’t resort to personal attacks as that’s a sign of desperation to win an argument in my book. Here’s what he said after I replied to his comment on his blog:

“If anyone would know…

about being a bitch, it would be you. I know your type full well. Badass with a keyboard but if we were face to face you would crap on yourself. Only cowards rant from places of safety as you just did. Like a dog barking from the other side of his fence. Take the fence down and he whines in fear. This is you, Phil…..face the truth and don’t ever, every talk shit to a grown man again…..you’re out of your league. I would smash that queer little face of yours as would any other real man.”

I wasn’t very surprised to get this kind of reply, it’s also a reason why I never bother commenting on the US blogs on MySpace besides a very small few who have open minds. Unless you believe what they believe then they haven’t got any time for you and look down on you like they’re superior. I don’t think I’m superior, my mind is always open to opinions and debate. Most of my opinions are not set in stone, having opinions set in stone leads to restrictive thinking and being unable to view the argument from the other side of the fence.

This was my somewhat childish reply on my blog after he had a go at me there, he deleted his space so his comment isn’t there anymore:

“For the benefit of Big Bad Wolf. You left me no avenue of reply because I’m banned from your blog and you wont let me reply to you by message because I’m not your friend. So here we go. Firstly I never called you a bitch, I called that lady who lacked any testicular fortitude a bitch. Or is that who you’re sticking up for? I know you have long hair but I could never confuse you with a women… ever! You know my type do you? Just like you think you know I’m a liberal? I have opinions, I voice them, I voiced them in a nice way on that blog, yet 3 of you thought it was fitting to insult me and my opinion. What am I supposed to do? Thank you for it? As for being scared and a barking dog, believe me, I aint, I’ve had my ass kicked for less! Yes it was kicked, by gangs, not by individuals, the individual that did were a good 6 years older than me! Seriously Wolf, I aint scared, I live in a bad area of England, I’m used to idiots with wafer thin self-esteem trying to prove themselves just because they’re bigger and they think they have the right and the last say in any matter because of that. Furthermore I’m a pretty large guy myself, 6ft3 and 280pounds, you’d have a job! You’d smash my queer little face in? Why? Because I disagreed with you? Because I voice my opinion? You had the chance to be civil but you weren’t, I always have 100% respect for anyone when I first meet them, in the blogosphere or in real life. You fucked it! What would beating me up achieve anyway? I wouldn’t change my opinion of you or on politics. I just spoke shit again, what you going to do? I suggest you take your beta blockers and go to bed and think about your country’s actions.”

A somewhat childish ending, but I was pissed off with the situation. It’s so sad when people leave no avenue to reply to a comment or opinion. They’re like children desperately wanting to win an argument, so desperate in fact they block you. Some people don’t block you, they just insult you and your opinions with snide replies via their comments to bait you. But they do it in such a subtle way that if you call them on it they make you look like you’re making something out of nothing and they have reason to insult and discredit you and your opinions. That’s sad, I’d rather them openly do it, but they wont because they come across as cunts.

This is why I reply to nearly all my comments (or on other people’s blogs) in the same way, even if someone comes across as a complete dick and actually insults me I’ll stand back and just reply and question their actions. Most of the time I find they do it because they’re dogmatic about their political and religious beliefs and want to prove it in some way. I know we all have opinions but not set in stone like Wolf and others like him, question them and others without resulting to this childish personal attacks. Unless they’re Politicians, religious or any other kind of leaders. Question everything and everyone!

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