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A Pain in the back, a pain in the head and a pain in the arse (basically an update)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on September 15, 2013

Any regular readers or old-time friends who read my blogs will know that I was almost completely absent from blogging last year (2012), and most of this year (2013). For me this is unusual, I can go missing from blogging for weeks or months on end and then come back with something.

However, this time I didn’t. The reason for this? I was preoccupied with my University degree and generally being  and trying to be healthy. For those people who know me they will know how rare this is as I have several illnesses that impact my ability to do many things and go places.

One of the worse of these was Ulcerative Colitis. I was taking Prednisolone steroids to control this in conjunction with Mesalazine. But then I had to switch medication as the medical steroids I was on had given me steroid-induced diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes) and weren’t always delivering consistent results. Since I started taking Azathioprine medication to control the Ulcerative Colitis in late 2011 I slowly got better and it gave me my life back. Now when I say ‘better’ I mean things were good and well controlled but I still had and still do have issues with the UC. In fact after being diagnosed with the diabetes it made me more depressed and this stalled the UC recovery into to early 2012.

As the UC was beginning to get better I was able to be more physically active, something I’ve not been able to do properly for a while. I think I was helped along with this when I had a bad bout of OCD, to stop myself from ruminating and worrying I threw myself in to my exercise regime, which is something I badly needed to do as I was 25st (350lbs/158kgs) and had the diabetes to worry about too. I’d gained so much weight because of years of the UC affecting my diet, so many foods I ate, that were good for me, triggered a reaction with the UC. So I ended up eating junk food, which didn’t apparently do anything. Combine that with lack of exercise because that set the UC off too and being housebound and you’ve got yourself the right combination for more health troubles.

I started off on the treadmill just walking for half an hour five days a week, it was gentle and not too much hassle. I did however get blisters on both my feet and on my toes because my feet weren’t used to wearing shoes for so long and in such conditions. These were huge blisters too! But I couldn’t take time out, it wasn’t an option anymore, so I just looked after my feet and bandaged them when I went on the treadmill.

Gradually my feet got used to it and I started to walk for longer and then jog. I made a game of it, I’d try to jog for that bit longer each time I did the ‘run’ in the run and walk system that I used on there. When I say ‘run’, it was more of a jog for me as running put too much pressure on my back and knees, not to mention the treadmill! I began to develop great endurance and at my best I could jog non-stop for an hour and half. I couldn’t go no more than that because if I did my back would completely give in, I was getting back pain just doing the run and walk system for an hour.

During the times I was doing the treadmill I was also lifting weights too, but not too many and not too heavy. I’d set off my back pain doing weights on and off since the age of 16.

All this paid off as I went from being 25st (350lbs/158gs) to just under 18st (252lbs/114kgs) from November 2011 to August 2012 (though I only started my proper exercise regime in April 2012). I felt great! I was feeling physically and mentally well, the first time in a long while. Things were going so good I moved out of the family home and was even contemplating getting a part-time job, because despite what some people may say the UK benefit system isn’t that great and I’d rather make my own way in the world anyway.

Then came August 2012, the back issues I’d had on and of since I was 16, the ones that made me unable to walk for days and not able to walk properly for weeks, came back! The Doctor who came out to see me diagnosed Sciatica and my GP said the same thing. They gave me pain killers and told me to rest, do some core exercises to help strengthen my back then exercise as usual when back to normal, and if the pain comes back then take some pain killers and carry on. The pain has never gone away and I could not possibly exercise with those pain killers as the amount I’d need to dull the pain sufficiently leaves me really tired and feeling drunk. And lifting weights and jogging when you’re drunk aint such a good idea.

I had the issue investigated this year with X-rays and a CT scan, one of the Doctors said I may have Sacroillitis, before the X-rays and CT Scan was done, though I couldn’t see how that could be as Sacroillitis is a problem caused by inflammation caused by inflammatory bowel disease, I know I have that but I’ve only had that since 2005 and I’ve had these back issues since 1999! So that was dismissed by me and my GP who thought it unlikely too. The results from the X-ray and CT Scan came back and there’s a problem there, they can’t say exactly what it is, but it’s there and there’s nothing they can do. They advised me not to jog, run, lift weights or do any exercise that puts pressure on my back. This only leaves me swimming, which I can’t afford as a pass at the local gym is £22 a month which I can’t afford, the only other pool near by is £29, so both are out of the question.

Walking is supposed to be good but I can’t walk or stand for more than half an hour anymore without getting a tightening in my lower back, like someone’s stuck a cork-screw in there and is turning it. If try to carry on walking the pain gets worse and spreads down my groin and legs. Despite this I’ve been trying on and off since August 2012 to restart my regime despite what the Doctors and specialists say but I am just incapable of keeping to it anymore, there’s always pain and a lot of the time I’m physically incapable of completing the movements.

Without the exercise to release the endorphins (and I really need those guys) I need to help suppress my appetite and generally feel good… I’m slowly putting it back on. So I’ll be starting another diet tomorrow, only 1500 calories, to try drop my weight because it just isn’t healthy at all for me, and I don’t enjoy feeling unhealthy. The most annoying thing is I want to be physically active, but my body just wont allow it.

Hence why I wasn’t around much last year or most of this year, because I’ve been trying to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Another reason why I haven’t been on much is my University degree. Despite the obvious study, reasearch and writing of notes and essays and the like, there was something else about my course that stopped me from coming on.

It’s not that I can’t do or understand the work, I mean I passed the level 2 Philosophy module in my Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree and 2 others, the issue is that I’m learning so much and it makes me even more unsure of my own opinions. What I mean by this is I read a piece of work then think I’ve got it nailed and seen from all angles, then comes along another way to look at a particular issue from another angle I think to myself, “How could I miss that?”. It’s made me quite unsure of many opinions I hold.

I mean, if I’m wrong about that I could be wrong about many other things. And in fact, so can many other people. This is nothing I didn’t already know but doing this whole course brings it to the forefront because I’m forced to think about these things a lot.

This may sound stupid and cliché, but the more I learn the less I feel I really know.

Anyway, it’s this thinking, alongside my obsessive over thinking I do anyway, that tires me out mentally. Combined with illness and medication side-effects I can barely think straight most days, which makes it extra challenging to do the course and put everything I have into it. This is another reason I couldn’t come on, I was just too mentally tired after being consumed in study, reasearch and writing.

This piece is the blog I should have come back with instead of my Syria one, which is a bit of a throw back to how I used to write, my other blogs should be well thought out and researched, just like the essays I’ve had to write. And you know what, writing them can be a pain in the arse too, especially as only a few people will even read them. Which is another reason why I wasn’t posting much, because if I do one of my long blogs again many normal people don’t bother much. There’s also the fact my blogging at the world also wont change much.

Oh, I didn’t mention my headaches, but they impact my blogging too, but sod them.

My next course starts in October 2013, so expect me to go quiet a little but I will still be around commenting on blogs and such. For now I’ll leave you with Bat for Lashes, simply because it’s the song I’m currently listening to. Oh and how cute is Natasha Khan in the video?

Much love to all!

– Phil


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UC Diary: I’m So Out Of Shape!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 7, 2011

While I was cleaning the bathroom last week I noticed how easily I got a little out of breath and start sweating, I mean, even more than I used to, and it wasn’t really hard work! Just circular motions with the sponge while applying pressure. I did the same thing with the mop, which I found caused more sweating and increased heart beat than it should. 

This wasn’t the only time I noticed this, I noticed just running up the stairs and putting my sister’s Rat cage together, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

I went to the Doctors today, walking briskly, I wasn’t that out of breath, but it was harder work than it used to be, I could feel the difference, there was more stress on my heart., I had to take more air in. By the time I got to the Doctors I had to sit down and take my inhalers, even though I was sat down I was still finding it hard to breath a little. During the walk my saliva got so thick, like it does when you first starting exercise after a long break. I’m not sure why that happens! I’ve read everything from increased air intake to not hydrating properly. If anyone can tell me why that happens I’ll be grateful!

I’ve also been in the garden today digging, unfortunately it was a hole for one of Cats, she’s not been well for two months or so and she’s had to be put down. I think that is better than not being able to eat, drink and losing the use of your legs! So I dug the hole in preparation for her coming home, a little sad but it had to be done. Anyway, I noticed I was knackered just diggining a hole! And I never used to get that knackered just digging!

After discussing my medication with the Doc I asked him to weigh me. I already knew I was 23st as I have home scales, I just wanted to be tested on a more accurate pair, which these ones were! Low and behold I am 23st 6! I can’t say it shocked me but the extra weight and my inactivity is having an effect on me!

I know, I need to diet! Thing is, if I start doing brisk walking every other day I’m running the risk of setting the UC off or making it worse! A diet by itself wont be much help either because I’ll not have a lot of choice of food as I still can’t eat many. There’s also the fact a bland diet would make me so damn miserable as food is the thing I enjoy most, even in its limited to certain kinds.

ever since I got the UC I’ve been doing exercise on and off and I’ve never been able to keep it constant! I used to love exercising, I used to do it six days week! Mon, Wed, Fri I would do cardio on the treadmill or bike. Tues, Thu and Sat  I’d lift some weights. It was hard doing it now and again, not just because of the UC but the strong mindset you need to keep at it when you just don’t feel like doing it, I find that very hard to do.

I’m not going to whine anymore, I just wanted to document this. So I’m going to have to wait untill I make some good progress on my Prednisolone medication, which is looking like late May or early June.

I was going to do a blog on Glam, but I decided against it, I’m not sure many people want to read about a Cat. But she was my Cat, that I rescued back in 1994 from a building site. I’m glad I did and gave her a longer life than she ever would’ve had out-doors. She brought happiness to our lives, as well as three kittens, two of which we kept! She especially brought happiness to my mother whose own cat had died a few weeks after I brought Glam in. If there is some kind of afterlife after anything dies, then I hope Glam’s sat up there on her own ironing board, yes she loved to sleep on them, aswell as any low down cardboard boxes, plastic bags, dirty or clean washing and maybe on your head if it took her fancy! R.I.P Glam

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Ulcerative Colitis Diary: Week 1 on Prednisolone

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 25, 2011


                                                        WEEK 1

I say the UC Prof last week (Jan 12th 2011), he couldn’t give me the Prednisolone because he was going to be moving on from his job there. So I had to see my regular Doctor at the local surgery to get them. I went on Tuesday 18th of January 2011. I got my Flu vac before I saw the Doc, who I had an interesting and shocking chat with about the NHS, but that’s a subject for another blog. I’m going to need help from that vac while I’m on Prednisolone as it reduces the immune system response in my body. My immune system may be reduced, but I still have one and it needs all the help it can get.

Green = How well I feel 1 being the best and 10 being the worse.

Blue = Depression. Again, on a scale as above.

Medication, Direction and Course as follows:

Prednisolone : Take four 5mg Tablets daily for four weeks, then cut down to one tablet a day each week over the next four weeks.

Day 1 Tue 18th Jan 2011: I was already feeling bloated and uncomfortable on this day, so if taking the Prednisolone was to cause any problems I probably wouldn’t know. Anyway, took four 5mg Prednisolone tablets. No noticeable effects. (5/10) (5/10)

Day 2 Wed 19th Jan 2011: Haven’t been to the toilet properly yet, so I’m going to count that as an effect. I did go and did bleed, but not like I usually do. Felt down on and off, which is normal for me on any given day.  (5/10) (6/7)

Day 3 Thu 20th Jan 2011:  Not been to the toilet all day, but have felt bloated all day. I’ve been feeling depressed all day, more longer than usual. My obsessive mindset is more active. It’s making me feel more Nihilistic, isolated, angry and sad. I have a feeling these will be a constant throughout the course. Though I expected as much, just annoys the shit out of me, along with the rapid heartbeat! (6/10) (7/10)

Day 4 Fri Jan 21st 2011: Today I was on the toilet for over two hours, that was mostly due to not going every day like I usually do due to the UC. I must eat less so as not to feel so bloated and full. It’s hard to believe the amount I used to eat before I got UC, I can eat a lot now, but nowhere near like I used to. The only reason I put weight on is because I eat small portions of rubbish foods. Anyway, my mood hasn’t been that down today, been sort of level, I think when I do get in to a depressed state the Prednisolone makes it worse or prolongs it. So, Must try to stay positive! 😛 (5/10) (5/10)

Day 5 Sat Jan 21st 2011: Well, today, I was neutral when I woke up, and gradually become sort of happier, I was giggly and laughing. This happens now and again with my mood (not very often), so I don’t know if I can put this mood down to natural fluctuations or the Prednisolone. Anyway, I had some spicy tomato sauce with poppadoms, um, shouldn’t have done that! Sent me to the toilet, 5 or 6 times! I did bleed. I got sick of eating cheesy sauces, pasta and Chicken! Wont be eating the tom sauce again! (6/10) (3/10)

Day 6 Sun 22nd 2011: Feel low again today, not much to eat but muffins and spam, oh and Potatoes! Wonderful! I now hate spam! Potatoes are going to be next! Feeling a little ill since I ate the tomato sauce. Not much change so far.  (6/10) (6/10)

Day 7 Mon 23rd 2011: Woke up late today, 11:30am, not a good thing for me. I like to try and keep a routine, otherwise I end up sleeping 12 hours and waking up for 3 to 4 hours, then bed again. It isn’t good for my mood or my health. So I’m gonna try and fix that. When I got up this morning I went to the toilet, only twice though, which was a relief! I did bleed, but not much. So far the UC still seems to be the same and the only noticeable side effect is a rapid heart beat. (5/10)  (5/10)



                                                                                      This stuff is just vile!

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Peanuts = A BAD Idea!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on November 30, 2008

Yesterday night I unwittingly carried out a UC test! I was planing to do something about diet and the connection of diet to the UC but I haven’t been able to for the same reasons I haven’t been on WLS’s. My sleeping pattern is all wrong and it’s making me feel tired all the time and not able to concentrate. Anyway, back on topic, I carried out a UC food test the other night without even knowing I was doing it!
I’ve had an idea that Peanuts have set off my UC since late last year and early this year after eating some salted peanuts then payin’ for it the next day with stomach pain, diarrhea and blood! Though when this did happen I was already in a slight or current flare-up anyway and couldn’t be sure if they had caused it or not! Well recently my UC has almost gone dormant again, it isn’t 100% but it’s ok. So I was reasonably well when I unwittingly went to the fridge looking for a chocolate hit!
Everyone likes a bit of chocolate now and again, dark, milk or white! Or even if you just fancy something sweet! When I went to the fridge at 9:30pm-ish, there was nothing left of what I like, no Milkyways and no Toffee Crisps! All that was left was a load of Snickers!!! For those of you who don’t know or simply don’t partake in Chocolate, the Snickers bar is not only full of chocolate but also roasted PEANUTS! D’oh! I have no idea why I didn’t remember their status as a probable UC exacerbating food didn’t enter my head, even when I thought to myself “Um… I can really taste the nuts in this!”. I don’t even like Snickers, I just wanted a Chocolate hit!
About an hour after I ate them I started to feel bloated and a little sick. This kept coming and going on and off, not that bad but ok. I was trying to think what caused it because I hadn’t eaten a lot that day, in fact I’d only ate my tea because I got up so late in the afternoon, 4:30pm I think! This carried on till 4am, yes I was still awake – and I started to feel worse! I felt sick, bloated, sweating and the feeling in my head was like when you’ve drunk too much alcohol and you’ve got a hazy head. I don’t know if that was the excessive or lack of sleeping thing I got going on or if it was the nuts! Anyway, that eventually dissipated and I went to bed around 7am.
I woke up today and was slightly bloated and I still didn’t have an idea what caused the sick feeling! Then as I walked across the landing it came to my head “Snickers have Peanuts in them you plank!”. It only took 18 hours or so to register!!! LOL!! God damn I’m a mastermind! LOL! It must be the sleeping pattern being arse backwards!
So now I’m nearly sure that Peanuts set my UC off, just to be on the safe side when I’m 100% I’ll try eating them again and see what happens! I don’t want to do tests now in case it causes me to slip backwards and back to square one again.
I will get around to you all soon, ok? With the lack of sleep, too much sleep or wanting to sleep at all times because of the UC meds and other stuff I haven’t been on top of my game again! I do have two blogs in the works I started three weeks ago but I haven’t finished them yet. Will hopefully though soon! Take care all! – Phil

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