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Tribute To The Arab Spring!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on May 27, 2011

My Tribute To Those Fighting For Freedom, Rights and Democracy In The Middle-East, North Africa and Persia (Iran.)

Video Notes:


2. This video didn’t turn out like I planned. There’s still News channel logos in there as well as a lack of the effects I wanted. For some reason my main video editing programme has developed a lagging problem, so it’s almost impossible to edit videos with it. I think it’s the amount of crap family members have been storing on my PC, going to give it a good cleaning soon.

3. The battles for freedom, rights and a better way of life goes on in the Arab world. This video will give you an idea of the suffering they’ve been going through to try and get it.

The last time this happened in the Muslim world the Ayatollah took control of Persia and any hopes of reform, rights and freedoms was crushed by a religious dictator in robes instead of a Shah Monarch in a military Uniform.

However, this doesn’t mean that situation will happen again! I’m hoping that the new Generation out there fighting for their rights, will learn from new technology and history and not let Islamists take control of their struggle and ruin it by turning each country in another version of Iran or Saudi-Arabia.

On the other hand, if these countries rebelling do manage to have democratic elections and vote in Islamists parties, whether they know what they’re voting for or not, who will dictate and dominate like Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali, then it is their own fault/choice to do that.

Though I’m hoping they wont do that.



TRACK: World Of Grief

ARTIST: 100blumen

MADE WITH: Windows Movie Maker

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Safe And Sound

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on January 12, 2011

Today, as I waited for a taxi, outside my own house on my own drive, I felt very open to attack and vulnerable. Now, if you don’t know I suffer with Obsessive Compulsive thinking/mindset and Anxiety problems anyway, so  I am not that social and am somewhat paranoid. However, this doesn’t mean my sense of fear is misplaced while out doors.

Given that where I live is one of the worse places for crime outside of London and having been threatened before with physical attack and hear about attacks and victimisation on a regular basis, I think my over all fear is justified, even if my aforementioned afflictions knock things over the top.

Yes, it is fear, and, frustration with the whole situation. It’s so sad when a misplaced glance at someone can cause an argument, that results in a fight and later a feud where you can get seriously harmed or even killed! Or, if you’re unlucky, all of them at once in the space of five minutes! Hey!… It’s been known to happen!

What the hell do you do when you’re in that situation? Look at it this way, if you walk away (assuming you’re given that choice) then you become a victim, you’re a prime target from then on for them to carry on giving you and your family grief and victimising you in other ways. Not only that, you also become a shining victim for others to give shit to. You lose!

On the other hand if you stand there and have a war of words with these people, even if you use logic to show their problem with you is utterly rubbish and based on nothing but their own low self-esteem, child like attitude and insistence on proving themselves, you run the risk of a fight. In which you could get hurt, arrested by the police for assault (been known to happen), run the risk of further confrontation and even death.

Look what happened to this man; Survived Two tours of Iraq but not a night in Oldham! If I’m not mistaken it also happened to an Army officer who served in Afghanistan Was Killed,  only this time in the North East, however he didn’t survive his encounter. Chris Chackfield was nearly as tall as me and I have no doubt his attacker picked him because of his size. For your information Chackfield’s killer only got Five Years for killing him.

With repercussions like that no wonder people are quick to fly off the handle, rob, fight, assault and rape. So you see, there’s no deterrent to not act like a violent piece of human filth, and anyone who feels wronged by me in some way is free to kick the shit out of me untill I’m dead and then be out in two years. And I just know if I was to do the same to the Human filth on the streets where I live, the real scum who should be locked up for life for what they’ve done, I’d most likely go down for life!

As I said, when you’re in the situation in paragraph four above, what do you do? Obviously the Police can’t be there 24/7, in fact, in some cases Police get their late. By then the attack’s happened, you could be dead and family hurt, they’ll document it then fuck off. The courts’ sentences are not a deterrent to them, so what the hell do you do?

Learn self-defence or a martial art? I’m planing to do that and know a place where I can do it. However, that still wont be a deterrent to other idiots who possess a little fighting skill, like Chris Chackfield’s killer. It also wont protect you from a gang of people either, especially ones with weapons, or just one person with a gun.

I just feel it’s a lose-lose situation, unless you enjoy prison or being victimised then you’re fucked! The only way I would feel safe and secure outside is if I could carry a gun and wear a bullet/knife proof vest. I’m serious, I don’t feel secure, I know my problems compound that feeling but it’s the way I feel and given the area I live and the filth I know inhabits it, it’s the only way. 

I could keep my mouth shut and head down, bite my lip and let the scum run the area, but if the truth be known I’m getting sick of it! I can be very confrontational and honest, I’ve been avoiding being that way for some time, I don’t like the  stupidity, bullies and pure human filth who think they demand respect. I’m supposed to back off and be subject to their bullshit, just because they don’t care if they don’t go to prison or not? The Community should stand together to fight these people, but they’re so divided and at each others throats where I live that it’s almost impossible. They’re also far too lazy to do anything about it and don’t think it’s that bad anyway.

I feel I’m going to get in to trouble at some point, especially when I start going out again, if I bottle this stuff up and start fretting and getting all anxious over this then I’m going to be back at square one again. Moving out of the area is an option though there’s no guarantee where I live will be that different. Given the service by our current landlords, their other estates wont be much different.

So, does anyone have a… 

                                                                               44.  Magnum Handgun spare?

                                                                               Or maybe a Glock 40 instead?

I think I like the Glock better, more shots and easier reload for the more impatient Human filth and Scally slayer!

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Don’t You Just Want To Kill All Scallies and Chavs? (Venting)

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 19, 2010

The incident in this blog happened on New Years Eve 2008.  Retro Blog. Originally posted on: Jun 25th 2009.


Where do you even start with this? Oh wait, last New Year’s Eve (2008) I went to the local shop to get some more Vodka as it was the season for it! On my way, while I was drunk I may add, three or four Scally tossbags shouted from the other side of the road “Look at him haha. Gonna stab you in the eye! Specky” That was for NOTHING! Luckily I’m a big guy and I was with someone, so the terminal scally scrote-bag wankers said the threat from the other side of the road!

These people are nothing but shitbags, why don’t they come to me when they’re sober or off drugs and tell me they’re gonna stab me in the eye then? Yeh do it without your increased confidence brought on by beer and being in a gang! You’re spineless spunk stains on the pants of society. I would smash your pointless faces in you gaster wannabes! Wandering around with your hand in your trackies looking like a cunt and a knife in your pocket thinking you’re some kind of Gangster out of the Godfather? Dealing weed and other drugs thinking you’re all hard, the fact is you aint nothing but shitbags! Take away the knife, guns, drugs and gang to back you up, and you become a soft toe-rag.

That night I didn’t get attacked, but one day they wont give me the option to walk away, the city I live in is one of the worse for violence in the UK, it’ll happen sooner or later. And when it does I’m gonna relish filling their faces with my fist! I wanna feel the satisfaction of feeling and hearing his nose and face break as my fist crushes it! And then know that he’s thinking: “I picked the wrong fucking bloke here!” and then listen to him say: “E r mate, soz…”. NOPE! Then I’ll stick my steel toe cap boot right in your mouth and smash your teeth in skinhead style!

And…. relax! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I just had to get that off my chest! Sod the fixing society nonsense today, I just had to vent!

Love the way this little wanker gets his arse handed to him.

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Peaceful Tuituon Fees Protests Overshadowed By Idiots

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on December 9, 2010

                                                            Idiot Changes The World By Writing ‘Revolution’ On A Wall

If you’ve been watching the News today you no doubt would’ve seen the student protests against the rise in tuition fees. Now, I’m not here to debate for or against the fees at the moment, I’m here to point at the pointless little wankers who have been battling with Police the past few weeks.

It’s important to note that these people are a minority and don’t represent the main body of protesters who are legitimately, and peacefully, protesting down in Westminster and elsewhere.

It’s obvious these people have no idea what Anarchism is really about! It’s also obvious these little tit-heads are nothing but late teens early twenties alternative types that are drawn to the Anarachist Ideology because it’s ultra left, can be violent and talks of revoultion. All these things appeal to frustrated teens/early twenty year-olds with little or no emotional intelligence. They’re just looking for an outlet for their hormonal mood swings and under developed brains that haven’t yet learned to cope with the unfairness of society.

They’re looking for and crave acceptance while staying out of the main popular groups, so they don’t feel isolated and shunned. This way they’re part of something ‘bigger’ while still being ‘alternative’. They like the idea of a system that advocates not being told what to do because that’s all that Mam, Dad and the Teachers have done to them all their life. And that was just, like… SO unfair Man! So Anarachism and Communism are just right for them.

The fact these little pricks stand there and throw wobblers in front of the Police and even hurt them belies their lack of maturity. They’re just like the drunks on a Weekend who go looking for a fight to make themselves feel like a big man to boost their self-esteem. These people are nothing but post-pubesants coming to terms with their bodies and an unfair world. So they act out their frustration in a hormonal fuled anger at the Police who are the nearest form of Authority.

I doubt these people have any geuine desire to protest about tuition fees. They’re there to make a mess, cause trouble and to play the revolutionary. Why? Because they’re too immature to protest the right way. Yes, there is a time and place for violence during a protest, there is call for it some times in society, but right now with the current situation the way it is? No! There’s no call for it, at all!

Tell you what you bunch of ‘revolutionaries’, why not go off to a African dictatorship and fight the power there? Try it on there big men. Let’s face it, those people are in more trouble than the people of the UK are, they don’t even have schools or Universites in some cases. So get your arse’s out there and fight! Nah, you wont though, will you? Because your take on Anarchism (which is wrong by the way. Anarchism isnt all about fighting Authority and smashing things) wouldn’t go down well there would it, you’d be shot on site or left to die in Jail.

You’re nothing but childish little wannabes spoiling a legitimate protest movement. Fighting and harming Police doesn’t help the cause you’re supposedly fighting for, it damages it, but you don’t give a fuck about that – do you? As long as you can live your five minutes of revolutionism before you eventually work for the powers that be and create hypocrites of yourselves, then anything goes, eh?

You pointless little poser Twats!

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