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Archive for March, 2007

Iran Arrests UK Navy Personnel

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 31, 2007

I was going to write about another topic but can’t seem to find the info on the particular subject. So sorry for making you all wait, and sorry to Pete, for hyping it up and then not delivering sorry mate but I will eventually do it. And thank you all for your comments on the last blog, I got a new record of 39! Yes, count them, 39! comments, so thank you all! But then again it’s not about the number of comments it’s about the content.Well well well… what’s Iran been up to? For any people outside the UK or people who just can’t be arsed to follow the news, Iran has taken 15 British sailors captive for being in the right place at the wrong time.
The crew were seized by the Iranian forces on the 23 March in the Gulf, and apparently were in Iranian waters. The British Go to the point where they were seized with a GPS (Global positioning system) and prove the Iranians were in the wrong and the 25 sailors were 1.7 nautical miles inside Iraqi waters. So this then set Iran off on a game of telling the captive sailors what to say and write so the people of Iran would believe the capture of the 15 sailors was justified and any future charges brought against the sailors would have the people’s support. Once this was aired on Iranian TV the rent a mob soon turned up for the TV cameras and news. Then the religious leader and supreme ruler of Iran Iyatollah Ali Khamenei.. I know it’s a mouth full so we’ll just call him Fred. Fred had his say and the people were soon saying ‘Allah Akbar!’ (another prime example of religious stupidity and interference).
Now if Iran can prove the sailors were in the wrong place then why don’t they prove it? Well they can’t can they, they changed the location of where they say they picked up the sailors twice! And later showed on TV a map of where they picked them up along with footage of the sailors being arrested. Then again the British can’t really say ‘we’re right look at our GPS’ they could have gone to a different place and taken the picture of the GPS and coordinates and say that’s where the sailors were. How do we know the sailors weren’t spying? We know both sides are as bad as each other for spying and accusing each other of being in violation of the UN and human rights.The fact is both Iran and Britain are guilty of violating UN and human rights. In fact the whole situation in the gulf and middle east is practically bad because of their religion and western powers interference over the last 50 or so years, even further if you want to go back that far. And this current situation we find ourselves in is just another product of that interference. Before Iraq was invaded by the coalition of the greedy, Iran was nowhere near as powerful and influential as it is now, and with the US’s recent verbal attacks on Iran regarding its nuclear ambitions peaceful or not, Iran felt the need to show how it will not be bullied. Also Iran has had trouble at home with the population getting fed up with the Islamofacist regime, so what better than a big distraction from all the troubles and get all the people behind the Government they despise? Well it worked for Margaret Thatcher.

And the words that are coming out of Tony Blair’s mouth are nothing less than a joke! It’s “Wrong and unjustified” and all the rest of that shit, I wont bore you with his drivel. But Blair saying it’s illegal? ha ha ha ha what a laugh!! Blair’s no stranger to illegal activities in the middle east is he now… come on! What a fuckin’ cheek! from the man who illegally invaded Iraq. Iran is just reaping the benefits of what Blair and Bush have done in the area, ever since the US and UK removed Saddam Iran has been getting bolder, vocal and more powerful. So it’s nothing more than a ploy by Iran to destract its people from its problems at home and to flex it’s muscles on the world stage and show how powerful it has become.

What else is Iran trying to achieve by these recent actions? Well, my thoughts are it wants to try to negotiate for the release of its military personnel who were caught in Northern Iraq. Having seen what happened in Afghanistan recently where an Italian soldier was traded for some Taliban fighters maybe they thought they could have the same. But it’s more likely they wont a confrontation with either the UK or US or even the UN collectively. This would further cement the Islamofacist Government’s control on the country and make it stronger and look as if its needed in its peoples eyes. Thus assuring the religious leaders of the country and hold on the hearts and minds of the people. So as per usual the politicians and religious leaders have created the situation and the people of each country are led by the nose to what ever they want them to believe.

Either the situation will drag on till no one’s interested anymore and then one side or the other will climb down. Or it could end very quickly with a SAS style extraction if they can find out where they are. Then there is the UN way by sanctions, but that’s more the long and drawn out result and not likely to work because Iran has been under sanctions since the Islamic revolution in the late ’70s.. Then there is the military option, which I think is very unlikely at the moment. So I think it’ll be the first suggestion. What are your thoughts?

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Hazel Blears = Monkey Spanker!

Posted by DeadAnarchistPhil on March 8, 2007

         Yes you are all right I haven’t done a wanker of the week for quite some time.
         And that’s not because there’s been a shortage of wankers, quite the opposite.
         There has been some tremendous wankers as of late, from our beloved Führer
         and all round nice guy and everybody’s best mate Tony Blair to that all round
         greedy bastard Rupert Murdoch and numerous other media junkies and tits.
         Which brings me to the latest wanker, I was going to do this lady some time 
         ago as she has personally shit on my family and lied to their faces. And also
         on many other working class people in Salford especially mothers in the area.
         The reason why Hazel Blears is on my wanker of the week list is her many and
         recent contradictions she has made. The most recent as many Salfordians will
         know is her recent support to Not move the Hope Hospital maternity services
         from their present location at Hope. Now for all the people who don’t live in
         Salford will not realize is that she backed and still does back the Government’s
         wider reforms of the NHS. So in essence she is protesting against the reforms
         she backs and helped draw up. Yes the shortarse hells angel wannabe took
         part in the protesting of the Governments 60 ‘reconfigurations’ across England
         and Wales. Can you believe this women, it’s like Hitler saying he didn’t support
         invading Poland, even though he made the decision to invade.
         Blears said in her defence “I’m not campaigning against Government policy, it’s
         a local decision made be the Primary Care Trust and Strategic Health Authority
         and what I’m doing is trying to make sure that the local decision provides the
         best services for Salford people.”  Then why did she back the policy that lead
         to this happening? Mmmmmm I wonder if it had anything to do with her career
         prospects? Who gives the power to the PCT & SHA? that’s right the people our
         Hazel works for! So the policy she made the decision to back is still to blame,
         so who the fuck does she think she’s kidding?
         And now the increasingly embarrassing minister and chair of the Labour party
         is now gunning for fat shit by Royal appointment john Prescott’s job as deputy
         PM. Well she better start eating now to fill his fuckin’ shoes and get herself a
         bit on the side (watch out Jack Straw!). So two things she has to do then, eat
         and get her leg over with anyone that’s not her partner and the deputy PM
         entails little else as you only work when the PM’s not there, so why the deputy
         PM get’s paid all year is a mystery to me.
         For these reasons and more Hazel Blears is this weeks wanker of the week!
         P.S I didn’t include a picture as i didn’t want to subject you all to the horror
         of her annoying face and her in her leather biker gear trying to be tragically
         trendy. Till next time.

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